A celebration of craft, tradition and humankind- our best selling Floral Gara Print returns exclusively to RA online only. 

Following its debut in FW 2020, this purple floral print is inspired by the gara plants and African dye style, a technique Raquel was taught during a creative exchange when visiting Shine on Sierra Leone, an innovative non-profit that raises awareness, supports and promotes self-sufficient communities in the West African country,

The gara plants have been used as a natural dye for producing vibrant colored fabrics in traditional African dress for centuries.

Here, the stippling texture of the colors is achieved by pressing the fabric into a small pile of rocks on the ground and then pouring the dye colors onto and over the little peaks and valleys of fabric.

In celebration of gara’s rich history and cultural significance, the RA Gara print is designed to make a statement and add some African inspired flair to your wardrobe. 

The RA Gara print is exclusive to the Kennedy Dress, Garden Dress, Kennedy Top and Essential Blouse.

Shop the RA online exclusive Gara print capsule today.