Actress/Muse/Water Spirit Nathalia Acevedo collaborated with us for a series of short vignettes featuring FW20

Following up her debut in Carlos Reygadas’ "Post Tenebras" Nathalia can be seen later this year in Illum Jacobi's “The Trouble With Nature”; a poetic pastoral fever dream of a costume drama that explores the human connection to nature


 Video + Images captured by Jacqueline Di Milia



RA: We are all SO enamored with the video collaboration you made

NA: I really love the brand, not just the clothes but also what’s behind them






Illumi Jacobi’s debut film “The Trouble with Nature” takes place in 1769.  Jacobi imagines the political philosopher and theorist Edmund Burke (who invented the term “sublime”) in the midst of a mid-life crisis and in search of inspiration for a new project. The philosopher - along with his servant Awak (brought to life by Nathalia Acevedo) - decides to journey to the French Alps so as to see “the sublime” in nature with his own eyes for the first time





RA: What’s your most comfortable setting? When do you feel the most at ease?

NA: I really enjoy when I’m in a situation of adventure or exploring. There’s a vast abyss where I am at rest. To not try to be in control and to just follow my gut and question everything less. Then it's easier to appreciate and enjoy the freedom that exists in everything, without judgement nor expectations. 






RA: How do you stay present in the moment?

NA: It could be something very simple, like just listening to the birds sing or watching the clouds pass by. It’s a real privilege to be alive, no matter if you’re laughing or in pain. I constantly try to remember that and take every moment as a a “present”.



Nathalia Acevedo
Captured in Mexico City by Jacqueline Di Milia 
Wearing FW20