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Meet a few of the highly skilled professionals behind Raquel Allegra — each integral to our process, heritage, and community

Fashion Revolution week is an annual campaign commemorating the anniversary of the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh

Quality control experts: Ana, Edelmira, Carmen, Alma, Ruby, Miguela, & Judith (not pictured). These queens hold the key to our top-secret deconstruction process, executing seasonal shred designs to perfection, by hand

Leo, the only man of the RA sewing squad. He’s worked at our downtown studio for seven years, and is also a Taurus

Vicki and Elena are responsible for the manufacturing of our entire production run. Basically, more than twelve thousand garments a season, all made in Los Angeles. Who run the world? ♀

Earth angel, Judy. She started with us in 2009 as one of our first ‘shredders’, aka a true RA OG

Ya, Holly, Leo, Xiao, & Maria, our in-house sewing squad. These superstars are in charge of sewing the first samples for each Raquel Allegra collection

Helen and Charlene, our patternmaking team. These two draw the blueprints for our clothing, making sure all Raquel Allegra pieces fit beautifully

Juan, our master cutter, has been at Raquel Allegra since 2010. His scissors are always sharp

Maria, the first-ever RA employee. Rewind 11 years ago, Maria helped shred t-shirts in Raquel's tiny apartment. She now manages our LA studio -- balancing everything from e-commerce procurement to assisting with sales

Jessica and Karen, our pre-production babes. Karen leads our sampling process, moving samples from concept to prototype, design room to showroom. Dovetailing Karen, Jessica manages pre-production. She hands off our beautiful samples to the production team, ensuring no detail is amiss

Who’s responsible for all of our tie dye designs? Tie dye masters, Anton and Nicholas. This duo 'hand paints' our pieces every season. No small feat!

Managing our sole warehouse, Balmore ships our lovely clothing to about 200 stores a season and for all e-commerce orders globally. He spreads the RA love from Los Angeles to all over the world

Solene is our sales & ecommerce manager. Here she is in everybody’s favorite cardigan

Raquel and Finn

This week has been a moment to celebrate, recognize, and empower our artisans and their incredible skills that are integral to our brand