A Topanga morning finds Raquel @ home
Foraging rogue treasures from her garden
Listening to Nature



This Morning I made tea from rogue treasures that recently popped up in my garden



It got me thinking A LOT about the concept of "weeds"

The $$ has us all working SO hard that we hire gardeners who pluck our 'weeds' for us...
But what is a weed?
Who decided?
What if 'weeds' are nature's subtle call. Calling us back to our nature and our intertwined existence.
And Nature is tirelessly growing towards us seeking relationship




Earlier this year I dedicated myself to simplify my life, and clean up my own messes, pull my own 'weeds'.
It has allowed me to turn these tasks into self-care 'rituals'
Spending time with my garden every morning...I witness real growth. It is slow and steady. 
In Nature
In Me


MARY OLIVER for CORONA TIMES (Thoughts after the poem WILD GEESE)  You do not have to become totally zen, You do not have to use this isolation to make your marriage better, your body slimmer, your children more creative. You do not have to “maximize its benefits” By using this time to work even more, write the bestselling Corona Diaries, Or preach the gospel of ZOOM. You only have to let the soft animal of your body unlearn everything capitalism has taught you, (That you are nothing if not productive, That consumption equals happiness, That the most important unit is the single self. That you are at your best when you resemble an efficient machine).  Tell me about your fictions, the ones you’ve been sold, the ones you sheepishly sell others, and I will tell you mine. Meanwhile the world as we know it is crumbling. Meanwhile the virus is moving over the hills, suburbs, cities, farms and trailer parks. Meanwhile The News barks at you, harsh and addicting, Until the push of the remote leaves a dead quiet behind, a loneliness that hums as the heart anchors. Meanwhile a new paradigm is composing itself in our minds, Could birth at any moment if we clear some space From the same tired hegemonies. Remember, you are allowed to be still as the white birch, Stunned by what you see, Uselessly shedding your coils of paper skins Because it gives you something to do. Meanwhile, on top of everything else you are facing, Do not let capitalism coopt this moment, laying its whistles and train tracks across your weary heart. Even if your life looks nothing like the Sabbath, Your stress boa-constricting your chest. Know that your ancy kids, your terror, your shifting moods, Your need for a drink have every right to be here, And are no less sacred than a yoga class. Whoever you are, no matter how broken, the world still has a place for you, calls to you over and over announcing your place as legit, as forgiven, even if you fail and fail and fail again. remind yourself over and over, all the swells and storms that run through your long tired body all have their place here, now in this world. It is your birthright to be held deeply, warmly in the family of things, not one cell left in the cold.


The plants in my tea this morning:
Wild Strawberries
Wild pepper-grass
Wild lemon-balm