“A distinctly female perspective”
This season is clothes “by women, for women”

One of the things that I'm always drawn to from punk culture is how it takes things that are classic and reworks them with the middle finger

Your grandma's cashmere sweater that you tear up and put safety pins in

This season, a reference was the idea of taking the mom’s favorite hippie dress from the 70s and then throwing some tie on it: With the Liberated Floral, the middle finger is a giant spiral of tie die instead of a bunch of holes and safety pins. It has a punk heart - within a loving execution.

As Always, Carefully Made With Love FOR YOU

xo RA

Come for the tie-dye, stay for the thoughtful, painstaking attention to detail.

The prints are bold and audacious: a chocolate brown silk printed with an illustration of a Greek goddess on a cliff, peering down at her lover in the ode to an ancient, otherworldly depiction of romance. It’s the kind of print that could start a conversation—or maybe a new romance—even on Zoom.

A subtle fade of sage to emerald on a dip-dyed cashmere sweater
The specific placement of a pocket, or the way an armhole feels against your skin

A touch of the ’70s in the square-neck minidress and sun-faded pastel wrap dresses, plus a bit of a ’90s touch in the mesh layering tops under slipdresses. Soft as they may be, these aren’t just “house clothes.” Pair them with knee high boots and go party (masked + distanced of course)

A smaller collection comprised of oversized T-shirts, easy dresses, silk robes, and elasticized trousers, items both critically essential and undeniably comfortable.

-Words compiled from Emily Farra's Vogue review 

When is the next RA New Moon?

Wednesday, December 25, 2019