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Raquel talks Potions N Motions with earthly entrepreneur, Courtney Coll

"I needed something I loved doing to keep me going while living in a city"

RA: What propelled you into natural healing?
CC: Growing plants and seeing the medicinal properties each plant provides got me interested in creating medicine for healing. Once I started growing my own garden, I created a connection with each plant. You see how everything comes to life which is so important because it is full cycle. You can go to the store to buy vegetables and herbs but the connection you make while growing your own then eating it, is so powerful.

RA: Name, Age, Sign?
CC: Courtney, 26, GEMINI

RA: Where are you from?
CC: Chicago, Illinois

RA: What’s for breakfast?
Farm-raised eggs, sauerkraut, Japanese sweet potatoes

RA: How did you learn your craft?
How did you perfect your craft?
CC: While I was farming up in northern California, creating hydrosols, known as 'flower waters', was a hobby of mine. It was something fun to learn and see what herbs create different floral scents. I came back to Los Angeles for work and noticed I needed something I loved doing to keep me going while living in a city. I began creating more potions and perfecting a couple scents and hydrosols from what I am growing in my garden in the backyard

RA: Where is your happy place?
CC: Mountains, I get so inspired and happy when I’m able to escape the city life and fully drop into the nature

RA: What’s on your playlist?
A Hard Rains Gonna Fall- The Staple Sisters
Ruler Of My Heart- Ima Thomas
Celestial Blues- Gary Bartz Ntu Troop
Tell It Like It Is- Aaron Neville

RA: What's on the horizon for you?
CC: My website is about to launch for Potions N’ Motions, which has been in the works for a while. I hope to see more and more people get inspired by creating business out of a hobby... because it's possible!

RA: What's your favorite potion?
CC: Rustic Roots, it's a blend of home-brewed witch hazel and tulsi hydrosol with a blend of earthy essential oils. Balances me out all day, and calms me down

Captured by Jacqueline Booth Di Milia