Olga Nazarova took friend, muse, actor + ikebana practitioner Yoa Mizuno
Out to the Garden
In PF20

RA: How do you connect to the moment?

YM: Anything and everything that happens in my life could inspire me in my work. I connect to the moment by focusing on the flowers and plants that I am working on. That itself inspires me the most and leads me to what to create in the moment.

RA: How do the flowers speak to you? How do you speak through them?

YM: Each flower and plant has different colors, shapes, curves, textures and they grow in different seasons. I think they all speak to me differently each time I work with them. I can't predict what I will create or discover until I see the materials and physically touch them. I try to find the uniqueness in each material and how it feels in my hands, and then I figure out how they could work together in the piece.

RA: Where is your happy place?

When I get to see my family from Japan, I am happiest.

Captured by Olga Nazarova
Model Yoa Mizuno
Wearing PF20