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Artist and friend Cassandra Bickman collaborated with Raquel to create a very personal piece inspired by recent RA seasons. Raquel touches base to chat about creativity, family, + art

Images captured by Cassandra Bickman

"My greatest project for now is brewing baby #2, which is popping very soon, raising my big boy, finishing building our house in a new country while learning to speak a new language, along with my many unfinished film projects I am hoping to find time to edit before the baby comes" - CB

RA: Cassandra!


RA: How are you? How are your creative days being spent?

CB: These days the focus is more on growing my fruit trees and starting my giant vegetable nursery, nesting, getting back into my experimental music which I have missed dearly, and trying to find time to start on some sculptures and paintings I have in mind.  It's family time / home zone for me these days and soon, boobie duty!!!

RA:  In the live collage piece you created, you have your little guy with you.  I love the feeling this gives me personally as the viewer. My inner child totally wants to come play dress-up with you! I’d love to know what it’s like to create art with your little One? Is that out of desire and intention? Necessity? Storytelling?

CB: Playing dress up RULES!
How is it to create art with my little guy?...spontaneous, often incomplete, always ending with a surprise. 

RA: Living as remotely as you do must have some interesting effects on your creativity. Can you share a little about this?

CB: Limiting yet entirely free.
The jungle backdrop is so cinematic & mysterious, peaceful yet wild, and gives so much space for the imagination to roam.
Yet with very limited resources, there is a need for an open mind to experiment with new materials and ideas, and that I enjoy, as I improvise my way through it all nonetheless

RA: We miss you here in Topanga! Any thoughts about moving back to us in the States?

CB: As much as I love you and! Raising my babies here in the jungle is all that i can forsee for, come visit me!

Muse, Mama + Mentor: Cassandra Bickman