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New Mexico native Sunny Khalsa speaks through touch, and her horses are listening

Video + Images captured by Olga Nazarova

Imet Sunny a couple of years ago in Taos, when I was there to find my dream property 

I was so captivated by her classic beauty and elegance, and how "of the earth" she is - I couldn't wait to see her with her horses

Working with horses closely myself, I have an understanding of how deeply sensitive they are to energy and people.
To witness the subtle communication is like watching two beings dance...fluid and seemingly effortless while fully connected physically and spiritually in every moment

To see a woman on the back of a horse (wearing velvet!)
fills me with a FREEDOM FEELING - RA 

RA: How do you spend your days?

SK: Since returning to the southwest in 2016 I have gone back to my roots, spending most of my days with horses and other animals. I’m typically engaged in training a horse or a few horses per day, teaching riding lessons, writing, taking photos, and daydreaming about epic adventures. 

RA: What is your connection with nature?

SK: My connection with nature is spiritual and magical.
From as early as I can remember, I’ve woken up before the dawn to quietly watch the sunrise. In warmer months, I would slip out of my house barefoot and run up a sandy hill to watch the first fingers of light reach over the Sangre De Christo mountains..until they silently crept to where I stood. I have always felt “god” present in every plant, bird, storm, wind, and river etc.
In nature I am summoned release my inner child to play in the magnificent playground of spirit.  Nature is mesmerizing, terrifying, enchanting, bewitching, and humbling all at once.

RA: How do you communicate with your horses?

SK: I communicate with horses like another horse, through energy. You can ask a horse to move to you or away from you with your energy. If you tune in you can hear them talk. Horses have a delightful sense humor. 

RA: What noises fill you with joy?

SK: I love the haunting songs of meadowlarks in spring, a flock of chattering/joyful redwing blackbirds, and the lonesome songs of coyotes in the middle of the night.

RA: What does touch mean to you?

SK: Touch is sacred.
I work with horses to respond to soft touch and pressure. Horses can feel a fly land on them, therefore, I make every touch matter and mean something.

Sunny Khalsa
Captured in Taos by Olga Nazarova
Wearing PS21