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RA connected again with Kaelen Ohm of AMAARA
 to collaborate on a visual project inspired by her recently released full length album 'Heartspeak'

Video + Images captured by Kaelen Ohm, Destefano DeLuise and Jackie Bao

Fresh off the release of her full length album 'Heartspeak',  Kaelen Ohm isn't slowing down

Looking towards recording an ambient record and another AMAARA album in 2021, she's currently in Israel finishing the first season of a show for Netflix called
'Hit and Run' (they had almost wrapped in March 2020, but the pandemic hit)

Topanga neighbors, Raquel and Kaelen traded questions, answers, and inspirations to collaborate on this short "dream piece" featuring our PreSpring 2021 Collection

"Musical expression is so dear to my heart. Every artist's musical approach is as unique as they are as people...and Kaelen is a rare treasure. Her album carries me to work at least once a week" RA

RA: How are you drifting?

KO: In a way, or an attempt to be very present and in a state of surrender, focussing almost solely on what arrives in my immediate field these days.

RA: When your inspiration strikes, what does it look like in action?

KO: If I honor it in the moment -- it's mumbling a melody into my voice memos on my phone or grabbing my moleskin to write something down

RA: Your words are so visual/textural – what in language resonates with your art?

KO: Thank you, that is really kind of you to say. The language of the natural world resonates with me most. I only wish I was more poetically articulate in capturing the way I feel about it. A practice in progress...

RA: Do you hear melody first? Then lyrics? The other way around?

KO: Melody most often inspires words for me. Even if I have lyrics written somewhere, it will usually take having some sort of instrumentation to remind me, to see if I can use them

RA: Do you have a favorite instrument to write and compose with?

KO: Primarily I have written on piano the past couple of years, the ‘Heartspeak' record especially. But guitar too...

RA: What connects you to your creativity?

KO: Nature, practice and prayer

RA: What noises fill you with funnies?

KO: Laughing babies and goats yelling (like humans) - you can find both on YouTube 

RA: What’s on your reading list?

KO: A small stack on neuroscience and quantum theory, a few on grief and coming back to natural ways and a couple on female desire.

RA: What makes you feel loved?

KO: Presence, true kindness and self care

Amaara's 'Heartspeak' is now available on Spotify + Everywhere You Stream Music
Check out more beautiful imagery here in the Amaara video for 'Awake'

Directed by: Kaelen Ohm and Destefano DeLuise
Shot by: Jackie Bao
Edited and colored by: Kaelen Ohm
Music by: AMAARA